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Imagine staying at a hotel in downtown Camden with Main Street a minute from the front door, and yet step out the back door and there is a two-acre beautiful backyard for your dog to run.

When you and your dog stay at the Riverhouse Hotel, you are greeted by people who truly love dogs. You won’t be directed to the public parks and little patches of gravel or grass. Step out our back door and you are in a doggie paradise.

We will provide a plush dog bed, bowls, balls, and biscuits. We can steer you to numerous dog activities, as well as contacts with our local veterinarians and dog daycare options.

Prior approval is required, so that we may monitor the number of dogs in-house.

When registering at the front desk, the pet owner agrees to the Hotel’s Dog Policy – 2017, to be responsible for any damage or injury caused by the pet, and to absolve the Hotel staff of any liability if the pet or another guest is injured.


It is very important to respect this rule! A $100 fee will be assessed for any dog left unattended in the room at any time.

We only allow five dogs at the hotel at any one time except for exceptional circumstances (to be determined at our discretion).Dog-friendly rooms are limited to the first floor only. You need to call the hotel at 1-800-755-7483 to request and receive a dog-friendly room. 

Pets MUST BE LEASHED when out of the guests room.

You may walk your pet to the back of the hotel in the designated posted area. We expect you to clean up after your dog but provide bags if needed.

If you have any additional questions, call us! 1-800-755-7483.Dog Policy – 2017

Balls and Biscuits

Balls and Biscuits