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Camden Maine is world known for its fantastic harbor. Many travel to Camden for a sailing vacation on Penobscot Bay. The bay area is scenic and the layout of the nearby islands create a wind and water dynamic that makes for fun and sometimes very fast sailing. Many of the local kids grow up learning how to sail and often get in their little optimist boats and glide out to nearby Curtis Island pretending to be pirates. The community embraces the nautical culture. Many visitors, after only being here once, understand the lure of sea. The charming downtown and the fantastic restaurants are only part of a Camden vacation, a trip on a daysailer or a windjammer completes the experience.

The Daysailers can be accessed from the small boardwalk near the public parking lot. These local sail boats go out for 2 hour tours of the harbor. Depending on the wind and weather that day, you can see lighthouses, seals, eagles and of course scenic landscapes. The captains of the boats are as unique as the boats themselves.  Staying at the Camden Riverhouse Hotel and Inns (or the lovely 8 Tannery Lane) is convenient in that you can easily walk to the harbor and get on a boat. The public parking near the boats has a 2 hour limit, so best to leave your car and walk. Here are the boats in the harbor to help you plan your sailing vacation.


  1. Schooner Olad/ Cutter Owl
  2. Schooner Surprise
  3. Schooner Appledoor 2
  4. Schooner Lazy Jack II


Now, here is where it gets interesting. Did you know that you can go on a historic sailing ship overnight? The Windjammers are much bigger than the daysailers and have sleeping quarters on-board. There are 6 Windjammers in the harbor that go out on 3, 4 and 6 night journeys. Many of the Camden Riverhouse guests arrive a day or two before their sea voyage and then come back to Camden Riverhouse Hotel and Inn after arriving back at shore.  The historic Windjammers, like the daysailers are each unique in their own charming way. Each boat has fantastic food and engaging crews. You are welcome to do as much or as little as you like at sea. The fresh air and the smooth rocking of the ocean guarantee to wipe away the stresses of life.

  1. Mary Day
  2. Angelique
  3. Lewis French
  4. Mercantile
  5. Mistress
  6. Grace Bailey

The boats and ships of Camden Harbor are a very important part of the local culture. The boats are an integral part of the community. Camden has a history of boat building, fishing and lobstering. In addition to the practical uses of boats in the community, the boats provide a getaway from the day to day. The also provide a piece of history and a place of relaxation. If you have not been on a Daysailer or a Windjammer yet, add it to the bucket list. Whether you are a seadog that knows the ropes or a newbie looking for your sea legs,  Camden Maine has a plethora of options for your sailing vacation. Make sure to check them all out. Here is a link to the Maine Windjammer Association.