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beer Breweries in midcoast maine

Our Top 4 Breweries in Mid Coast Maine

MidCoast Maine Brewery Trail

1. Rock Harbor Pub & Brewery
2. Waterman’s Beach Brewery
3. The Pour Farm
4. Odd Alewives Farm Brewery

Maine beer

Add A Beer Brewery Tour to your leaf Peeping getaway

Did you know that the State of Maine is home to over 150 breweries that produce hundreds of beers; from juicy New England IPA’s to rich, malty English ales, stouts, porters, sours, Belgian ales, farmhouse ales, goses, gruits, crisp lagers, and everything in between. MidCoast Maine is home to 4 of our favorites. Each brewery has its own unique experience. As you meander the coast leaf-peeping, you might want to stop one of these wonderful Maine breweries.

-If you want to stay local and walk from the hotel, you can enjoy the Camden Maine Breweries: Camden Sea Dog and Camden Blaze.

Rock Harbor Pub & Brewery

The Rock Harbor Pub and Brewery in Rockland also has a taproom 5 minutes down the road. The pub is a local favorite for trivia night, open mic night and live, music on the weekends. In addition to the 16 beers on tap (5-6 are house-brewed), you can enjoy chipotle haddock tacos, cornflake fried chicken, and other fun menu items. For beer tasting and brewery tours, head to the nearby taproom.

Waterman’s Beach Brewery

Drive down the peninsula to South Thomaston for Waterman’s Beach Brewery. For those that have been to Maine before, they might remember this place used to Waterman’s Beach Lobster. This great location offers views of nearby islands from a sandy beach. Waterman Beach Brewery brews 7 different beers. All of them are traditional-style ales, utilizing the latest brewing techniques. The majority of their ingredients come from Maine. Locals love the live music and potluck dinners during the summer months.

The Pour Farm

Located in Union Maine, this brewery is a short 25-minute drive from the hotel. Behind the brewery is a beer forest and Crawford Stream, which runs between Seven Tree Pond and Crawford Pond.  In the warmer months, there is a food truck, but you’re always welcome to bring a picnic. Like the other breweries, The Pour Farm is dedicated to brewing fresh beer in Maine using local ingredients. They currently brew 6 different beers. During the month of October, they do poetry slams and outdoor movies. They also offer informal talks known as the Farmer’s Lyceum. These talks are with locals about anything from how to build a canoe, how to grow lavender, to how to stuff a squirrel. Check their schedule for the remaining few in the month of October. Route 17 is lined with beautiful fall foliage trees, making it a fantastic addition to your Maine leaf-peeping getaway.

Odd Alewives Farm Brewery

Although it’s nice to have views of a sandy beach, the backroads of Waldoboro, also known as, Old Rt 1, is a lot of fun. Located near the famous Moody’s Diner this is a fun find. At the top of Old Rt 1 is a colorful, welcoming farm. The surrounding buildings are painted in bright colors and there are flower gardens to stroll through. In addition to the great beer here, the farm offers brick oven pizza and appetizers! This is a great place to enjoy lunch or a light dinner. In the fall and winter, this brewery has outdoor fire pits that you can reserve onli. After your visit, you can either stop in Moody’s for some pie or drive down the peninsula to enjoy a sunset at the nearby Marshall Point Lighthouse. All of their beers are at least 95% all Maine ingredients with many already reaching 100%.

Whatever brewery you choose, we are sure you will not be disappointed. Since we suggest not drinking too much while you are sightseeing, know that you are welcome to bring these great beers back to the Riverhouse Hotel and enjoy them near the firepit or in the comfort of your room. Cheers.

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