Show Me Your 9. Instagramable Camden Maine.

The world class harbor, the quaint downtown and the natural beauty of Camden Hills State Park, make Camden an ideal place to vacation. Some choose Camden as their destination, and some make it a stop over on their way to Acadia National Park or other fun destinations in Maine. Either way, both types of visitors know there is something special about Camden Maine. The scenery and the activities are not only a wonderful escape, they are also ripe for Instagram fun. The natural light, the landscape and the unique Maine lifestyle are features that shine in photographs. So whether you are staying in Camden, Maine for a week or just a night, find these fun locations and Instagram away.



  1. The Baptist Church Clock Tower is an anchor of Camden. The tall white steeple can be seen from the edge of the harbor and is often used to navigate the landscape. The town has recently restored the clock tower and has repainted the steeple. It is an ideal place for a photo.
  2. Camden Hills State Park. The locals love the Maiden’s Cliff hiking trail. This trail is a moderate to difficult hike. Along the path, there are streams and huge glacier placed rocks. Although it is fun to take photos along the way, the place that is most photographed is at the top of the trail. The top of the mountain overlooks Lake Megunticook. Unlike many of the other trails in Camden Hills State Park that have ocean views, the view from Maiden’s Cliff is of the lake. The lake has a perimeter of 30 miles and is 64 feet deep. The lake is also dotted with little seasonally inhabited islands. The houses and activities of the islands make for fun and unique eagle eye viewing.
  3. The downtown of Camden, Maine is home to boutique shops. Fine art galleries, Maine made items such as Glendarragh Maine Lavender, Swan Island Blankets and Maine Sea Bags all contribute to the fine quality of items shoppers can enjoy. The stores and the downtown landscape make for fun and colorful pictures.
  4. Laite Beach. You cannot talk about Camden, Maine without mentioning the world class harbor that anchors the town. Million dollar yachts, hundred year old schooners, classic dinghies and kayaks all share the harbor. Depending on what day you are there, the harbor can also be busy with seals and loons. You can watch it all from Laite Beach.
  5. Curtis Island. Curtis Island is the hidden treasure of the town of Camden and is home to the Curtis Island Lighthouse. The only way to get to the island is to row yourself. None of the day sailers stop at the island.  Once you get to the island, there is a circular trail that is dotted with park benches. It is a lovely place to have a picnic and watch the boats go out to sea. There is also a lone tree swing in the middle of the island. If you can not get out to the island, many enjoy taking pictures of Curtis Island from the shore at Lighthouse Lookout, located on Bayview Street.
  6. Mt. Battie Look Out Tower. Travelers can either drive or walk up to the top of Mt. Battie. The 1897 Summit House was originally at the top of Mt. Battie. It was remodeled in 1899 with a shorter observation tower. It is a beautiful place to look out and see the nearby islands on the horizon.
  7. The Weather of Mid Coast Maine – Mt. Megunticook. They say if you do not like the weather in Maine, wait a minute. The fog and unpredictable rainbows make for fun instagram moments. If the weather looks dim for your vacation, embrace it and get those rare shots. This fog picture was taken on top of Mt. Megunticook.
  8. Kayaking in Megunticook Lake. The locals love to launch their kayaks and stand up paddle boards from Bogs Bridge and head out to Land’s End. Kayaking in the lake is different than kayaking in the ocean. The lake is calm and there are no large ships to worry about.  Make sure you have a waterproof case for your phone or camera.
  9. The Riverhouse Footbridge. The Camden Riverhouse Footbridge is a favorite spot of locals and tourists. The footbridge makes a convenient connection over the Megunticook River off Tannery Lane and Mechanic Street. Not only does the bridge make getting around Camden easier, it is adorned with flowers and vegetables. The staff at the hotel plant 1,200 petunias and a thousand cherry tomatoes on the bridge. Sailors from the boats in the harbor have been known to come ashore to pick some fresh vegetables from these gardens for their nightly meal. Another favorite item of the bridge is that River Ducks Ice Cream Stand is at the entrance of the bridge on Mechanic Street. You can enjoy a soft, hard or sherbet served cone or cup and watch the ducks and river pass you by.