Enviornmental Leader

The Riverhouse, as with the Internet, has always been ahead of the curve for being a lodging environmental leader in Maine. We were one of the first properties to be certified Environmental Leader in Hospitality in Maine; and did it on points earned without buying into the program. We take pride in that we are one of the highest scoring properties in Maine.

Construction: Both of our buildings were built with 6″ insulated walls, the best windows on the market, and are both efficient in cooling and heating. Several areas have propane stoves and on demand hot water.

Lighting: We switched to CFU’s throughout the property 14 years ago, and in doing so, decreased our electric demands considerably. We have recently started using LED’s which reduce consumption by 77% over CFU’s.

Electrical Conservation: All of our “backroom” and outside areas have electrical timer, photocells, and occupancy sensors. The boiler and thermostats are regulated by timers and set backs.

Housekeeping: We are switching from chemicals in the pool & cleaning department to “green solutions”.

Solar: And we always conserve water, fuel and detergents by offering each guest the option of our green linen program.

The biggest commitment we have made so far was the decision to install eight flat solar thermal domestic panel system in the Hotel.

It is estimated that we will reduce our consumption of oil by 1,000 gallons and reduce CO2 by 21,000 lbs per year; and less than one month later the boiler room is the same temperature as the rest of the Hotel.