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We know many of our guests enjoy traveling with their furry friends and we are happy to provide dog friendly accommodations. Camden Maine is an ideal location to enjoy the great outdoors with your loyal companion. The dog friendly parks, trails, community dog park, outside spaces at restaurants and dog health facilities make Camden Maine a unique dog – friendly destination. Following is everything your need to know about traveling with your dog in Camden Maine.

The Parks

The first thing you will notice about downtown Camden Maine is the plethora of public parks and spaces. You will also notice the Town dog clean up bag stations and garbage cans strategically placed around town for your convenience. Camden is super dog friendly. The village green, Laite Beach and Harbor Park are ideal for throwing the ball or just hanging out with Fido. Laite Beach is very popular with the locals in the morning. Many dogs meet up before 7AM and run and play in the low tide sand and water.  If your dog needs more exercise than running up and down a hill, then we suggest heading to the State Park. Camden Hills State Park has 20 trails to choose from. Your dog has to be kept on a leash at all times, which is highly suggested because depending on which trail you take, there could be a steep drop. We highly recommend the Ski Shelter Trail, which is accessed from the “back” of the mountain on Youngtown Road, to the Bald Mountain Trail. The Ski Shelter Trail is a very wide trail that you can walk comfortably with the dog. The 2nd part of the hike, up the Bald Mountain Trail, will be a nice work out for both you and the dog. Once at the top, the summit is wide and has great views. The trail that we suggest you do not take is the Mt. Battie Trail. The Mt. Battie Trail is a very steep trail and can be a challenge if you must hold a dog’s leash and navigate.


Good dogs deserve to enjoy downtown restaurants! There is a nice selection of dog friendly restaurants walking distance from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel and Inn. Our favorite is Peter Ott’s. Peter Ott’s allows dogs on the deck outside. Fresh Restaurant and the Owl and Turtle also have space outside for you to enjoy a beverage, snack or meal. This information is for Spring, Summer and Fall, call restaurants directly for the winter.

Dog Parks

Rockport, the next town over to the south of Camden, has the P.A.W.S. Community Dog Park on Camden Street. There are 2 fenced in areas, one that has dogs that are used to being at the park and a second area that is for new dogs, or dogs that need more space. We highly recommend that you introduce yourself and discuss any concerns or issues you or your dog might have. The Dog Park is a fun place for everyone, but safety is always a concern.

Dog Stores

Loyal Biscuit and the Maine Dog are great places to pick up a toy or favorite food for your furry friend. Loyal Biscuit has a large selection of healthy pet food and a self-serve dog wash. The Maine Dog has great branded merchandise and a selection of fun dog art for your home.

Water Bark Wellness

Rockport has a premier indoor dog swimming facility. This year-round facility is a great way to keep up with your dog’s therapy while on vacation.

Dog Hospital

There are several veterinarians in the area.

Camden Hospital for Animals

Blake Vet

Rockland Veterinary Hospital

Penbay Veterinary Associates

Mid Coast Animal Emergency Clinic

Dog Accommodations

If you need to leave your dog unattended, we suggest boarding them for the day at Blake Veterinary Canine Inn.

The Best Pet Friendly Accommodations

The Camden Riverhouse Hotel is a great option when you are traveling with your dog in Camden Maine. We highly recommend you call or book direct when traveling with a dog. The online travel agents sometimes do not convey all the policies of traveling with your dog in Camden Maine. The hotel has rooms on the first floor for families and dogs. Please read our dog friendly policy here. You can always talk to the staff at the front desk about options for your dog. We enjoy having you and your dog here. Our dog policy is standard for hotels and we hope you will discuss any concerns with us before your trip.