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Discover Camden, Maine, the Vacation Land in the Land of the Free. Find out the top tourist destinations and activities you should not miss, and how to plan your itinerary with this guide.

Since the 20th century, Maine has been known with the brand “Vacationland” in the land of the free and home of the brave for myriads of reasons – Camden is one of the most popular summer destination all over the country and even people across the border. Let’s take a quick ride to Camden – a precious coast area in Maine.

Camden is a town on Penobscot Bay, in Maine’s Midcoast Region. Aside from it is well-known for its preserved historical infrastractures – the High Street Historic District, the Opera House and the Library, there are bunch to delve into – from the oceanfront downtown, the thrilling water and land sports, waterfall lost in the heart of a city, the majestic lighthouses, scenic views of the mountains meeting the sea at the same time, the river meeting in the sea. Camden provides adventures both by water and land.


Few Steps away from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel & Inns

The High Street Historic District encompasses a well-preserved 19th-century residential area of Camden. Extending along High Street (United States Route 1), the district has maintained its character since the 1920s, despite encroaching commercialization of nearby areas, and retains a cross-section of architecture of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, and enlarged in 1999 to include the Olmsted Brothers-designed Harbor Park at Main and Atlantic.

Watch the old film series – PEYTON PLACE. It is a major box-office success 1957 American Drama Fiction filmed in Camden. Although Camden has improved, you can see that the infrastructures are well-preserved as nothing has changed since the said series was filmed.


Few Steps away from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel & Inns

The Camden Opera House Block is a historic multifunction building at 29 Elm Street in the center of Camden. Built in 1893 after the town’s great 1892 fire, it is one of its most prominent buildings. It houses town offices, a social meeting hall, and a 500-seat theater. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.


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On March 23, 1896, the citizens of Camden voted to establish a free public library to be known as the Camden Public Library. The proud townspeople of Camden raised the money to build this library through various fundraising efforts. No assistance was provided by library philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Mary Louise Curtis Bok donated the land for the library in 1916. Parker Morse Hooper and Boston architect Charles G. Loring offered building plans. The cornerstone was laid on August 17, 1927 and the Library opened its doors on June 11, 1928 with Miss Katherine W. Harding serving as the first librarian.

In 1996 the library underwent a great expansion under the south lawn. The opening of this Centennial Wing allowed the library to accommodate larger collections and computer-based technology without compromising the scenic or historic value of the original building. Today the library is a true treasure of the coast of Maine and is a testament to the pride and determination of the residents of Camden.

Know more about the Public Library Calendar of Activities for Adults and Children HERE


2-minute walk away from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel & Inns

The Megunticook River is a short river in Camden, Maine. From the spillway of Megunticook Lake (44°14′06″N 69°05′59″W), the river runs 3.5 miles (5.6 km) southeast through the rocks at the head of Camden Harbor creating a picturesque waterfall. It is absolutely a waterfall lost in the heart of a city that makes it more interesting!


2-minute walk away from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel & Inns

Is the idea of walking around the busy downtown streets, doing some window shopping sounds like a therapy to you? How about a downtown with vibrant historical buildings with a bayview? You probably would like to experience walking, shopping from antique stores to modern ones and boost up by dining along the bayfront with a diverse variety of restaurants from American, Italian, Asian and many more.


3-minute drive or 13-minute walk away from the Camden Riverhouse Hotel & Inns

Laite Memorial Beach Park is a place to do nothing but relax the eyes with the spectacular nature scene in Camden’s oceanfront. This place is for all walks of life – a playground and an ampitheatre are both available for children. People can swim at their own risk as there are no lifeguards around the coastal area.


Level up your vacation! Get out of your comfort zone and explore the bay. There are variety of water activities in Camden that will make your summer more exciting. Explore Penobscot bay by joining boat tours. Make your stay more meaningful by sailing your own – rent a boat! Do kayaking and canoeing sounds more fun to you? or do you like to be in the water by diving or snorkeling? Are you looking for a more matured task like fishing? No need to worry! All these activities are being offered in Camden.

List of Camden Boat Rentals (updating…)

LAND SPORTS & SERENE LANDSCAPES: “Mountains meets the Sea”

Camden is not only limited to water activities, land adventures are also being offered like nature trail, biking and golfing. Hiking or running and setting-up a picnic on top of Camden is one of the highlights of “Camdenventures.” You need to put some efforts by hiking to see the spectacular and scenic views on top of Mount Battie and Acadia National Park. The Mount Battie Nature Trail Trailhead is a 2.7 mile generally considered a moderately challenging route and it takes an average of 1 hour 26 minutes to complete. This is a dog-friendly environment as long as the pets are on leashed. Admission fee applies as follows: 1) Adult Maine residents $4; 2) Nonresidents Adult $6; 3) Nonresident Seniors $2; 4) Nonresidents Children 5-11 $1. If you do not have enough time to hike, you can drive all the way up to Mount Battie Tower.

Camden Hills State Park is 6-minute drive, 36-minute walk and 14-minute bike away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel Click Here for Directions

Mount Battie Tower is 11-minute drive and 45-minute walk away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel Click Here for Directions

Acadia National Park is 1 hour 40 minutes drive away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel Click Here for Directions

Northport Golf Club is 29-minute drive away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel Click Here for Directions


Lighthouses fascinates people of all the generation. If you are a family, planning to to visit the Vacationland of all the states, you may want to consider lighthouse hopping, all members of your family will absolutely appreciate the spectacular infrastructure in an isolated island.


20-minute drive away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel and Inns. Click here for directions

Before you explore, paying a visit to the Maine Lighthouse Museum. The mission of the Museum is to educate the public regarding the long-standing traditions, heroism and progress of America’s Lighthouse and Lifesaving services and the United States Coast Guard through the conservation and interpretation of the nation’s most significant collection of lighthouse and lifesaving artifacts. The museum and Lighthouse Gift Shop are now open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

List of Maine Lighthouses near Camden (Updating…)


25-minute drive away from Camden Riverhouse Hotel and Inns Click Here for Directions

Do you have a passion for transportation? Owls Head Transportation must be on your itinerary in Camden! It is a nonprofit educational organization that collects, preserves, exhibits and operates pre-1940 aircraft, ground vehicles, engines and related technologies significant to the evolution of transportation for the purpose of education.

Different Cuisines in Camden | Where to Eat | Where to Shop (Updating…)

All the attractions and activities mentioned above are just some of the things that will make you want to visit Camden, Maine. We can absolutely say that there are more to explore. Discover the hidden treasures along the coast, indulge in local and variety of cuisine, and immerse yourself in the charm of these iconic beacons.

Unwind, relax, and create unforgettable memories! A day or a night stay is probably not enough to feel the real bliss in staying in Camden, Maine. Book your stay now with us! Rooms are filling up fast this season.