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Best Trails To Hike With Your Dog in Camden Maine

Our Top Hiking Trails To Do With Your Dog

Best Hiking Trails To Do With Your Dog In Camden Maine

1. Carriage Trail
2. Shoreline Trail
3. Erickson’s Field
4. Beauchamp Point

Maine Hike With Your Dog

Outdoor getaway in midcoast Maine

There is no doubt that our pets have helped us cope with the pandemic. Being at home and having their constant and unconditional companionship is priceless. Because of the strong bonds that have formed, many are traveling with their dogs, instead of boarding them or finding a sitter. Camden Maine is an excellent place to escape your every day with your dog. Both you and your pet are going to love the miles of hiking trails, walkable downtown, and the harbor views. Camden Maine is dog-friendly as you can see from our previous blog post – Traveling with your dog in Camden Maine. This new article dovetails off that one to provide you with our favorite hiking trails for you and your dog. Please note that all trails in Camden Hills State Park require your dog to be on a leash. There is one spot in the area that dogs can be off-leash – keep reading to find out where.

1. Old Carriage Trail to the Carriage Trail – Good for many different types of dogs

This trail is loved by many dog walkers because it is an easy trail that big and small dogs can navigate. It’s not too long and there is a reward at the top. Take the Old Carriage Trail to the Carriage Trail – to the Auto Road – walk up the Auto Road – to the Memorial Tower. You will be rewarded with spectacular views of Penobscot Bay. You and your dog can sit on the steps of the Memorial Tower and enjoy a drink of water before your descent back down.


2. The Shoreline Trail – Good for little dogs

The shoreline trail is a short .3 mile walk along the edge of Penobscot Bay. When the leaves are off the trees this is a very stunning view of the Bay. There are picnic benches and a group picnic shelter in the area. Great for little dogs that need some outdoor fun.


3. Erickson Field – Great for all dogs, and there is a portion that is off-leash.

Erickson Field is a family and dog-friendly loop in Rockport Maine. Dogs are allowed off-leash sunrise to 9 AM in designated areas of the trail. Outside of those hours and when off the trail, pets must be leashed at all times. This is a lovely meander through the woods, the lay of the land is flat and easy. Along the route, there are fitness stations where you can stop and do a little extra workout. Another benefit to this trail is the farm sometimes has fresh produce for sale at the onsight farm stand.

    4. Beauchamp Point – Great for all dogs.

    Beauchamp Point in Rockport is a beautiful dirt road path. Start at Vesper Children’s Chapel and head to Beauchamp Point Road. What we like about this walk is that it is wide, has lots of room to distance dogs and it has a combination of flat and hilly spots that all overlook Rockport Harbor. There are a few places you can stop and sit by the rocks. We do not suggest allowing dogs to swim here, it could be hard to get them out of the water with the rocks. There is a small beach behind the harbormaster’s shed on the other side of the harbor in Rockport Harbor Park that is much easier to manage a dog. There are cars, bikes, and other walkers in the summer, spring, and fall months, but in the winter this road is shut off from big vehicles making it an ideal winter hike with your dog.

    Ready to get out there and enjoy the trails with your furry friend? The Camden Riverhouse Hotel has dog-friendly rooms on the ground floor. In the winter months when the hotel is closed, choose the Riverhouse cottage that is dog-friendly. The hotel is the only hotel downtown that does not charge a fee for dog rooms. The staff and owner are dog lovers and will make you and your companion very comfortable.

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